NFT’s New Interactive Marketplace on Binance’s Smart Chain






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The network is a recently launched NFT marketplace based on the Binance smart chain to provide ample opportunities for artists. Generally, the platform has extensive services for collectors, investors, art fans and gallery owners.’s decision to use the Binance smart chain as a hub was due to the growing problems on the Ethereum network. Ethereum, which has served as a smart contract platform for several years, faces serious scalability issues. Also, gas prices have skyrocketed in recent months.

However, the BSC option offers scalability and lower fees. Therefore, users will pay favorable rates to the BSC and enjoy super fast and reliable services. At, artists, gallery owners and collectors will interact freely by taking advantage of the marketplace.

The auction and market function is rolling out a new NFT marketplace to help auction and sell the NFT created within the platform. All artists can be part of this great market by filling out the necessary application.

Social media channels provide more information on how to apply to participate in the market. In addition, a team of experts will contact the chosen candidates.

The chosen artists will have the freedom to mine NFT tokens, be it videos, audio and images. All extracted NFTs are auctioned at the best possible price as decided by the artist.

Once an auction is active, the bidding process to own the NFT will begin. Consequently, users will bid from the last highest bid and each bid will incur a fee of $ 0.2. The highest bid after the auction is over will win the bid.

Generally, this marketplace will allow artists to display different qualities and formats of their works, including 3D and 2D versions. By offering options to users, the platform facilitates the creation and sale of Art.

Since is based on Binance’s smart chain, market participants will pay the network fees. Artists and content creators are participants in a new business model that helps them market their work.

Many valuable items today gain value due to their long-term reputation. For example, an item like gold has gained its value, not because of its importance but because of its reputation.

The idea that society values ​​products and services based on reputation is also common in art. For example, art that comes from renowned people always gets great value. However, is redefining the valuation of art. will not base the value of the artwork on reputation. Instead, the art will be owned and sold to people who really see its value. Artists in the network will get full recognition for their work. for artists and fans will offer educational opportunities to help commercialize the world of NFT and blockchain. This platform will help educate users by providing crypto-related content and personalized tutorials for artists using the platform.

Consequently, will allow the average user to learn more about the artists on the net. will provide more information about the artist, including reviews, biographies, interviews, etc. Therefore, this platform will help to market both the artwork and the artists behind it.

Art Army Token has its native ART token that helps power up the entire platform. This BSC-based token will provide users with multiple utilities, including platform governance. Token holders can vote on any proposal given for the network.

The total supply of the ART token is 100,000, and the platform has already burned 58,000 ART tokens. The current circulating supply of the ART token is 42 thousand.

The NFT network has two wallets. It has a deployment wallet that is used to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges. The second wallet option is the flaming wallet, which has 2,000 ARTs reserved for burning. Consequently, 8 thousand ART will be used for equipment and marketing.

Former ART token holders will have more privileges than new holders as they will attend the market opening. People who own more than 200 ART when the platform is launched are entitled to receive NFT tokens for free.

But where can a user buy the ART token? Currently, tokens are sold on the BSC-based PancakeSwap Dex, which offers ample opportunities to exchange tokens. You can visit the page and enjoy the rewards.

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