NFL: Who gained the most from the Carson Wentz trade? Philadelphia or Indianapolis?

After the divorce between Carson Wentz and Philadelphia and that the deal with the Indianapolis Colts, is a good opportunity to talk about Draft of the distant 2016. Remembering a little, the first two global selections of that edition are no longer in the teams that had originally selected them, one leaves it to the Rams (Jared Goff) and another to Philadelphia (Carson Wentz).

The first case is Jared goff and the second is Carson wentz. The two quarterbacks will now have a new opportunity to show their previous teams that they made a mistake (or in one of those not, only time will tell), but above all what they leave in their organizations is a millionaire amount of dead money. What we mean is that the two teams both LA Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles they will have to forget about the money they will have to subsidize even though the players are no longer in their organizations.

Dead money is the space in the salary cap that a team assigns to a player who is no longer on the team and is money associated with what they have paid for the duration of the contract.or, plus the money you were guaranteed. Short version, it is money that they will no longer be able to use.

In the case of Carson wentz who has now become the player with the most “Dead money” ($ 33.8 million) with which the organization of Philadelphia in the season because they have to pay him but the organization had that the player was not on the roster otherwise due to the way his contract is, the organization would have paid 10 million dollars, so it was imperative that they find him a team .

How is Carson Wentz’s contract with Indianapolis structured?

Will collect 25.4 million guaranteed this coming season (what would they pay their ex quarterback Philip Rivers if he had not retired) for remaining on the roster the Colts, they will give you 15 million that will be reflected in the “team account statement” in the 2022 season.

This is good news for Carson wentz you will have a chance to start from scratch. The team he arrives at, the previous season was in the postseason and most of those players will continue but above all he has an offensive line that will help him throughout the season.

Wentz He has the tools to be back in the postseason and take note: Philadelphia You will regret the treatment they celebrate today. Wentz It will not be the version of 2017 where he was a candidate to be the most valuable player in the league but without a doubt, Indianapolis with real options to dream of a Super Bowl. That’s why I assure you Philadelphia will miss too much Wentz and now his former player will see from a distance as a success not wanting to continue in Pennsylvania.