NFL: What will Philadelphia’s response be?

The quick and easy answer is Jalen hurts. But it really is hard to imagine a version in which Hurts is the undisputed franchise holder of EaglesEspecially in a league where there have been so many rookie quarterbacks in recent years that they come in blowing up the league. Hurts doesn’t seem like that kind of quarterback. If he is not the answer, then who is he?

Perhaps there is no clear answer that dispels all doubts in a conclusive way. The best way to explain this is to divide the options into four categories that serve to exemplify the large number of routes that the team of Philadelphia to find the exit to this maze called “starting quarterback”.

Claim projects: We all have one from time to time, something broken that we want to fix. A car that no longer worked for the older brother, some armchairs that no longer fit in a room and we believe that we can do better. There are thousands of examples. Also in the NFL We found those players that certain teams believe they can “fix” by having the ideal staff to help them reach the level they once promised. Philadelphia could fall into that situation with Sam darnold Y Gardner Minshew, two young quarterbacks who seem to have ended their days in their respective franchises but who have shown flashes to make more than one imagine what they could do with greater confidence and a better cast around them.

Jalen Mills of the Philadelphia Eagles in action with Corey Graham


Jalen Mills of the Philadelphia Eagles in action with Corey Graham

The bridge: This term is well known in the NFL and refers to that quarterback who is good enough to help you win some games, maybe qualify for the playoffs, but not good enough to win close games and even less a Super bowl. The best example is Alex smith, both in San Francisco like in Kansas city They used it until they found a better option. And it is precisely that Alex Smith who is once again free and willing to play. Philadelphia you could take that route so you don’t rush to make a decision that might be wrong. With Smith he gains stability, something that is urgent for them.

The Magic Act 2.0: There are really people who like the second parts of the movies, right? Well who knows if in Philadelphia be one of those. But if it turns out to be true, nothing would stop them from trying a magical season with Nick foles, the hero of Super Bowl LII who had to leave because the team was committed to Carson wentz. It would be a bet with a great chance of going wrong.

A New Beginning: As a movie title by Star wars, but it really is the most sensible option. Philadelphia You are at a point where you could throw everything away and start a new project practically from scratch and you could take advantage of it because there are really few times you have chosen in the first ten positions of the Draft, in 2021 it will and that gives them access to some of the best quarterback prospects. Being realistic, Trevor lawrence will not pass the first selection, Zach Wilson it will surely not be available when it comes to choosing Philadelphia. But there would still be three interesting prospects who could be the new face of the team as Mac Jones, Trey Lance or Justin Fields.

Options, it is what everyone yearns for and very few have. Philadelphia it is in a privileged position and you better take advantage of it.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – JANUARY 21: Carson Wentz # 11 and Nick Foles # 9 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrate their teams win over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field on January 21, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings 38-7. (Photo by Mitchell Leff / .)

By Pedro Domínguez