The players of the Nfl they could be penalized and they could even lose their 2020 season salary if they get sick from Covid-19 in “high risk” activities, reported the League Players Union (NFL PA) in a memorandum to the same members of the contest.

The letter, filtered by the chain ESPN, maintains that this action is part of the League’s health protocol. The report also explains the contractual policies of the players and the criteria for the voluntary exclusion of players.

The memo is not the final version. According to the chain, this report is only “a summary of the main aspects of the amendments Covid

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A few weeks ago, several of the League’s stars, including Patrick Mahomes, they made a protest on social networks in which they demanded from the League a protocol of health to the Nfl.

The League finally announced that they would do daily tests of Covid-19 to all League players, as part of their protocol. However, that was only part of the protocol.

If the proposed sanctions are accepted, teams could place the player who committed this type of infraction on the list of non-football related injuries, a move that would allow the team the option of not paying the player.

The memo, according to the chain, defines high-risk behavior as:

-Assist a closed space nightclub with more than 15 people on site.

-Go to a bar in a closed space with more than 15 people, unless they only collect food.

-A home party in a closed space with the attendance of more than 15 people.

-Go to a closed concert or show with more than 15 people on site.

-A professional sports event, other than your team’s NFL games.

-Attend a religious event with more than 25% of parishioners in relation to the capacity of the venue.