NFL: The curious anecdote of Martinoli with the ‘Negro’ Santos

Antonio Carlos the ‘Black’ Santos is well known for being wrapped in controversial Y ‘fights’ with sports characters but this time we will review a curious story that narrated Christian martinoli, since the commentator of Aztec TV revealed that when he lived with him ex-americanist On television, he saw him reuse suits that the company gave him … For about 4 years!

The uncomfortable anecdote of the day that Martinoli met André Marín in some hamburgersThe uncomfortable anecdote of the day that Martinoli met André Marín in some hamburgers


The ‘Black’ Saints He has spent various stages on television, where he has been a commentator, on occasions a special guest, on others he has narrated matches but there was a very specific stage where he lived with Christian martinoli and without eagerness to show it or ‘throw bad milk’, he ‘windowed’ it in one of his famous ‘lives’. Relive the uncomfortable anecdote of Martinoli with André Marín over some hamburgers.

Martinoli confessed that the ‘Negro’ Santos reused TV Azteca suits for 4 years

In a live while driving (which is already a classic and fan favorite), it was like Christian martinoli revealed this story and they agreed on the Germany World Cup 2006, time where all the commentators were awarded suits, ties and other garments.

“For him world from Germany, I had the opportunity to go to about 16 games at the stadium and there was a week where there were daily games, seven or eight consecutive games, one daily, in different venues, then in Azteca they gave us six suits, six or seven shirts and 15 tiesMartinoli mentioned.

The curious thing about this fact was not that ‘Black’ Saints will reuse costumes over and over again during the Germany World Cup 2006because that was his purpose, but when he left TV Azteca, Martinoli I saw him with those clothes on other television networks and social events, being something unheard of for him.

“Our ‘Negrao’ Santos, which has had a couple of stages in Aztec TV, the last one a couple of years ago, I remember that I saw it on TV years later in his polemics in other chains and with the canal costumes, besides events and others “, confessed Martinoli.

The reason why ‘Negro’ Santos reused TV Azteca’s outfits It was because none of them had their logo or image. They were given a channel pin that they put on and took off, so said garment could be used without problem any.

“What happens is that the suits the canal had no shield, It was like a pin, you put the pin on it and you took it off and it’s over, the wey (‘Black’ Saints) I went to the works with the canal’s suits, I went to work meetings with the canal’s suits, I went to other channels with the canal’s suits, it was a spectacular thing, ”declared Christian Martinoli.