NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars to return to teal jersey for home games

The organization of Jacksonville Jaguars He has given us a lecture on how to use social networks for the benefit of his team with zero cost, it did not cost them a single dollar to implement the campaign or poll and above all they were able to obtain favorable results in terms of the feelings of their fans. The engagement and response was extraordinary (but we must be honest, they had probably already made the decision prior to the launch of this campaign) but it is not the same that the fans feel that it is taken into account and above all that could also encourage hundreds of thousands of followers go to the official stores and that this strategy translates into an economic return for the team.

After putting a poll on the official website of the team of the Jacksonville Jaguars to send user traffic to your account Twitter the communication area strategy was a success. The dynamic was for fans to retweet a post on the team’s official account and if it reached 21,000 resposts, the motion would have the green light; so it was.

In the same account, the result and the return of the uniform that the organization had used since its founding in 1995 until 2011 was announced. Another reason why the decision was made was because the color of the uniform is unique, no another team within the NFL, none of the other 31 have even a similar pantone. The team manager Jimmy Luck spoke today about the success of this campaign and seconded the feelings of the fans:

“We have heard the fans loud and clear. As the only team in the NFL to wear teal, we know what this color means to our organization, the 904, and our entire fan base. The teal green inspires great memories of some of the best moments in our franchise. Making the change to teal as our primary uniform the color allows us to celebrate that history as we usher in a new era of Jaguars football. “

They returned to their roots

So the expression “return to the roots” would never be better, since the Jacksonville Jaguars will return to the colors with which they became known within the league … and that he is writing and telling you this story is another success that we can score for this organization; his campaign was a success.