Neymar’s ‘rajada’ after staying out of the Cup final


Act. At 10:35 CEST

Pochettino booked Neymar, warning of sanction, in the semifinals of the Coupe de France thinking more about the final … And the shot backfired. The coach had to give him entry in the last moments of the game after the Montpellier draw andThe Brazilian received a yellow card that automatically leaves him unable to dispute the long-awaited final. Neymar chased the referee until the end of the match asking for explanations. There was no forgiveness.

The Brazilian came out to avoid the penalty shoot-out, but was ultimately decisive, scoring one of the maximum penalties that led PSG directly to the final.

After the duel, Neymar used social networks to ‘crack’ and in what way of the arbitration performance, that will prevent PSG from having one of its great stars in the fight for the only title that is practically within reach.

“I play five minutes, I make a foul and they take the yellow without thinking. Thanks for leaving me without end. They are taking it personally …”, said the Brazilian footballer in a ‘stories’ of Instagram. Neymar will have to watch the final from the stands.

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