Neymar, the hospitals say thank you!

While a possible drop in the salaries of Ligue 1 players is under consideration, Raymond Domenech has stepped up to the plate to defend Neymar.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the withdrawal of Mediapro has not finished shaking French football. Ligue 1 clubs are on the brink and for many leaders, their salvation now requires a general drop in wages. Discussions were also opened in this direction via the UNFP at the beginning of the week. Present at a press conference on Friday, Raymond Domenech, also president of Unecatef, spoke on the subject lip service.

“The players have their representatives at the UNFP. It is not my job to say something, even as president of UNECATEF. I had taken the lead in saying that we had no directives to give to players or coaches. There, there is only an opening of the discussions ”, he thus confided, adding:“ It is personal freedom. Each will decide with its president. If we only ask the players for efforts… There is also the question of salary costs. ”

Charges which are also a boon for state finances, reminded the former coach. One way to slip a tackle for those who consider the salaries of footballers too high. “We can ask everyone for a little effort and not just one way. The salaries of the players, there are half or even three-quarters that go to the State. It is a quantified observation. Neymar, for example, half of his salary is shared between our hospitals, our schools and everything in between. Let’s not forget, ”he said, adding:“ We can talk about excessive wages, but at one point, let’s put things in perspective. “

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