According to many media, it would ultimately be Neymar, from PSG, who would be accused of homophobia following the Classico against OM

Are the PSG players bad losers? At the same time, when it’s been 9 years that we have gained the upper hand over our historic rival, seeing this series come to an end is painful. This is precisely what seems to have happened on Sunday night when Paris faced OM. A match turning into a fiasco and even pushing Neymar to be accused of homophobia.

However, if you have been following the game or the news around it for a few days, it is not the Brazilian who saw himself pointing the finger at the beginning. Indeed, he assured during the match that it was the Marseille player, Alvaro Gonzalez who would have made racist remarks against him.

In the end, the more time passes and the more the images do not go in the direction of Neymar, on the contrary. Yet it would seem that all French media want to unearth images proving that it is indeed the OM player who would have been at fault.

Giving us the impression that we must not touch Neymar under penalty of no longer have PSG in your pocket and a cash flow that could disappear …

But we will have to face the facts. More and more evidence shows that it would be the Brazilian who would have crossed the line during the match …

Neymar is accused in turn of homophobia!

Neymar accused of homophobia

Indeed, Gol Television captioned the exchange between the two players during the match. Eh according to the Spanish channel, the attacker should be very small… Because yes, according to the media he would have called the OM player “puto maricon”. What we could translate as “fucking p * die”.

It didn’t take less for get some OM twittos off their hinges. The latter, expressing their incomprehension. But also, asking the league to take the necessary measures to sanction Neymar:

“So by dissecting the images that innocent at the moment Álvaro González we realize that Neymar would have said “Puto maricon“. Remarks of a homophobic nature. “

Finally, the case is not over yet. It has just been brought to trial and Neymar should know its fate in several weeks.

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