Neymar gave an “impossible” left-handed assist

The ball passed through a crowd.

Photo: Christof Stache / AFP / Getty Images

The quality of Neymar is unquestionable. When in focus, the Brazilian can sit at the table of the best in the world, being him in the center. The first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich was a perfect moment to prove it again: two assists, and one of them with the stamp of world crack.

After a corner kick, PSG moved the ball relatively far from the goal. There was no center to the area, and it seemed they had missed an important opportunity to put Bayern in danger. But Neymar had other plans. He received the ball from a changed profile, and with his left foot he sent a poisoned pass, with great effect, which Marquinhos received without problems to define.

It was a special play It practically came out of nowhere. No player on the Bavarian team expected such an action. The Brazilian surprised everyone with the change of front. He did it in the perfect second: in time for Marquinhos to fall out of place, and also enjoyed enough seconds to receive comfortably in the area.

His first assist was at minute 3 ′, when Mbappé scored thanks to a rude error by Manuel Neuer. PSG ended up winning the match, by a score of 2-3.