Neymar and Paris Saint-Germain seem to agree that a separation will take place next summer. But in doubt, the Brazilian striker continues his little game …

Neymar will he still be a player of the Paris Saint Germain in 2020-2021? Bets are open … However, there are few who imagine the Brazilian star still put on the red and blue tunic next season, as the episode of last summer continues to present itself as the submerged part of the iceberg. Despite appearances, and the return to business of the Brazilian international, something broke between the player on one side, and the leaders, technical staff and supporters on the other.

However, Sport makes its front page again this Sunday on this interminable soap opera of a return from number 10 FC Barcelona. A soap opera that had almost started when the first concerned was signed in Paris in 2017, since his return to Spain, at real Madrid or among the Blaugranas, was already in the plans of his entourage, explained then some Iberian media.

Cultivating distance with Leonardo

Perhaps they were not wrong … Anyway, Neymar would continue, behind the scenes, to show his spleen almost daily with the defending champions of France, and would also be very distant with Thomas Tuchel, but also and above all with the sports director, his compatriot Leonardo. The purpose of the maneuver? Convince the capital’s club to drop him once and for all next summer.

However, the method seems to work since the residents of the Parc des Princes would no longer be determined to fight to retain it. And a lot of media, in Spain as in France, agree that 150 M € will be enough for Barça to bring it back home. The bottom of the transaction therefore seems established, therefore remains to finalize the form, since the holders of the title in Liga would always seek to invest as little as possible and preserve their liquidity, a deal even more real since the crisis of the coronavirus and its heavy economic consequences, broke out.

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