Neymar could not with the ‘winter wall’ of Manchester City

05/04/2021 at 10:55 PM CEST

“I’m going to do my best and do everything I can to win the tie against City, even if I die on the pitch,” declared Neymar. But nothing. The Brazilian forward did not achieve his goal and remains at the gates of the Champions League final.

Snow and rain conditioned a lawn that was not in the best condition. The game no longer started in the best way to Neymar, used to long drives that were almost impossible tonight. And to that, if you add the defensive forcefulness of the defense of the Pep Guardiola, the Brazilian’s task was a utopia. We talk about Neymar because Mbappe watched the game from the bench. The French striker, suffering from some discomfort, could not participate in the match and saw the elimination with the impotence of not being able to help his teammates.

In the first part of the Paris game, Neymar he vindicated himself and gave a play exhibition. In the second, City took possession of the ball and did not let him participate. In Manchester, that tonic was the one of the whole party. Little of Neymar, that when he received the ball it was worked by an iron defense of the English. In addition, the Brazilian was not precise in driving and lost numerous games.

Already in the second part, Neymar he left the game and was more for the work of arguing with his rivals and the refereeing trio than for tracing the tie. Helplessness took hold of a Neymar who returns to see how, one more season, he will not win the Champions League at PSG. Next season, it will be necessary to see which team tries to conquer it.