Neymar at Barça, the about-face

The only candidate who wanted Neymar’s return to Catalonia withdrew from the FC Barcelona presidential race.

One less candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona ! In recent hours, Emili Rousaud has withdrawn his name from the election which will take place at the end of the month, and will decide the future of the Blaugranas. Among all the candidates, he was the one who had made the most promises of recruitment, by dropping the names of Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland. And it was mostly the only one to have spoken in favor of a return of Neymar to Catalonia.

Emili Rousaud has decided to join the campaign of Toni Freixa, who does not want to hear at all about a return of the Brazilian to Barça. “Neymar, by his performance, is not even among the 30 best players in Europe at the moment. If I were president, I would not sign it ”, had assured Freixa.

Freixa doesn’t want it, neither do Font

The same goes for Victor Font, one of the serious contenders for the final victory. “Economically, he is a player for whom we do not have the means. In addition, he left us a few days after the start of a season, and a player who has problems with the club has no place at Barça, ”he pleaded.

All that remains is Joan Laporta, the current favorite. Former club president (2003-2010), the manager is the only one not to have been clear on his intentions vis-à-vis the striker. PSG. “Would I bring Neymar back?” I’m not going to talk about names, Laporta replied. I know how it goes if I talk about it, I increase the price and I devalue the one I have in this position. “

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