Fabio Capello He is one of the most authoritative voices in the world of football. After a very extensive career as a footballer and coach, the Italian has left the front line to act as a commentator on Sky Sports. And from the watchtower of the media, he bets on the two stars of PSG, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar, as Ballon d’Or 2020.


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« Mbappé and Neymar will play the next Ballon d’Or« Said a Capello who considers PSG a clear favorite to win the Champions League: » They play in the same team and that is very painful for teams that cross with PSG. « 

The veteran Italian coach based his assessment on the Champions League quarter-final tie that the French club raised ‘in extremis’ against Atalanta: « Neymar and Mbappé made the difference. When Mbappè entered, I told Sky’s teammates: « Guys, it’s game over. » Champions don’t happen to be called that. « 

Capello reviewed the current events of Serie A, starting with Cristiano Ronaldo, whom Juventus has put on the market and to whom the Italian coach predicted a soon decline: « It makes a difference because it makes a lot, but over the years it could losing the sprint and at that point it is clear that it would have less impact. After all, it is normal that coordination is quickly lost from year to year and everything else when a certain threshold is exceeded. We will see. « 

Impressive stride and goal in the French Cup | .

The Italian coach was also forceful when the comparison between Paulo dybala and Paul pogba, whom he sees as lacking in leadership: « I stay with Dybala. Pogba gives me the impression that he is not a leading leader but one who wants to make a good impression thanks to the others who lead! »

On his future, he settled at the root that they place him back to the bench of Roma, club in which he played between 1967 and 1970 and which he directed between 1999 and 2004 « : » I don’t think about that! I have fun at Sky, I always win and I never lose. And later returns are almost always disastrous. The successful ones are of the order of 20 percent. «