Nexomon: Extinction is very close to being released in Nintendo Switch, specifically, the next August 27, 2020, so it is more than normal that every time we learn more information about each and every one of the environments that are part of this world that reminds us of the Nintendo DS games of the saga of the most famous pocket creatures in the world. Thus, in the new round of information We have been given information related to the creatures, the duration time and the world itself, among other things.

Nexomon: Extinction reveals the 381 creatures that we can capture

The world of Nexomon: Extinction captures the charisma of many of the monster capture games, and therefore in it we can live a great adventure that will haunt the 20 hours of playtime, without counting the time that we will have to invest to get the 381 monsters that we can capture and exchange in order to obtain our best equipment. Also, speaking of monsters, the website «Nexopedia»(Which you can access through this link, yes, in English) where we can see each and every one of these creatures, which appear ordered by the elemental type to which they belong. And even the game will also feature a large number of animated scenes that will help us delve even further into the history of this world!

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In this way, if we want to start catching these monsters from Nexomon: Extinction, we still have to wait a little longer, but thanks to the « Nexopedia » we can now choose each and every one of the creatures we want to find first. And you, are you ready to start this new adventure or are you one of those who are still not quite convinced?