Newsom Recognizes Vaccination Difference in Latinos and African Americans

Millennium Digital

California, United States. / 23.02.2021 11:37:13

The governor of California, Gavin newsom, recognized that the administration of the vaccine against Covid-19 it has not been granted in an equitable way among the ethnic groups that make up the state.

While at a mobile clinic located in the city of Inglewood, Newsom shared that the state needs to « do more and better » to reach all communities and establish vaccination sites especially for neighborhoods that have been most affected by the pandemic.

“We are not doing enough. We need to create a lot more programs like this, we have to get people to go back to work, go back to church and go back to school, ”Newsom said.

To date, 7.3 million vaccines have been administered in the state, of which, 2.9% have gone to the African-American community, 16% to the Latino community, 13% to the Asian community and 32.7% to the white community, according to data from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

The east side of Los Angeles, where the Latino community predominates, has seen one of the highest rates of Covid-19 infection in the county. Inglewood also had a high case rate among its majority Latino and African-American population, with one in nine residents infected.

« We recognize our responsibility to do more, » Newsom said, speaking about a variety of initiatives his office is involved in in all 58 counties.

Newsom is currently facing an impeachment controversy, thanks to the nearly 11 million signatures collected across California. What has caused the implementation of actions for the benefit of the community by the Governor’s Office.