Newskill Osiris continues to expand the gaming chair family

Just one day after the presentation of its new Neith and Neith Zephyr gaming chairs, Newskill surprises us again with the newest addition to the Newskill Osiris, a new family of gaming chairs that returns loaded with numerous color options, and two material variants that will allow us to choose between leatherette or breathable fabric finishes.

Unlike the Neith, this time we meet the classic design of racing-type gaming chairs, with an ergonomic shape for the backrest on which two small holes stand out in the upper part to increase the passage of air and facilitate the adjustment of your cervical and lumbar cushions.


And it is that once again, the Newskill Osiris seek the maximum comfort of the users, with a reinforced metal frame and base that will add great stability and robustness, combined with a filling of molded high-density foam, a memory foam padding for the cervical cushion, and its innovative leap frog mechanism, which allows the chair to be reclined safely up to 180º.

Its design is designed to take comfort one step further and, to make you feel like they say in Newskill, “all a Skiller”, they have engraved their logo on the armrests, which are 4D and functional in two positions, angle and height.

Although as we said, another of the great novelties of the Newskill Osiris are their colorful finishes, with color options white, blue, gray, pink, orange, green, purple, red and yellow; repeating all the colors in the Osiris Zephyr, changing the orange and yellow tones for a dark blue color. Thus, both chairs include black details (except in the exclusive case of the pink chair, with white finishes), perfect to fit into any set-up.

Availability and price

Currently both Newskill Osiris and Osiris Zephyr chairs are available in pre-purchase on the official website of the brand under a price of 249.95 euros, which they will share soon when they expand their availability in other distributors such as Amazon and PcComponentes.

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