You absolutely have to try these 9 trendy food before the end of 2020!

Eating a meal is one thing, eating an amazing meal is another thing! There are certain foods that you just have to taste.

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America is a diverse place with multiple culture. The rich culture also reflects in the food available to everyone. Indeed, we end up learning about a new dish every day. However, certain foods turn out to be more popular than others. Below are 9 trendy food you want to try before the end of 2020.


Crispy Foods or Chips

Shiitake Crisps

Shiitake mushrooms are very popular in Japan. They contain Umami and add that rich taste to some meal.

Shiitake Crisps
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There are many ways to eat shiitake crisps: with honey, butter or barbecue spices… With the right sauce, shiitake is simply irresistible.

Kelp Jerky

Akua has released a new line of foods called Jerky. This particular food is satisfying and meaty. It is made from kelp and shiitake mushrooms. Kelp Jerky comes in three flavors. They include sesame and nori sea salt, smoky rosemary and maple barbecue.

Before Akua produced Kelp Jerky, sea-weed snacks were already a thing.

Soy sauce and mayonnaise potato chips

Mayonnaise and soy sauce has been an important part of culture for ages. Chips are also an important food in our society. A smart food company came up with the idea of manufacturing chips flavored with mayonnaise and soy sauce. These crispy and light potato chips work like a charm and will keep you coming for more.

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Broccoli Pizza Crust

Cauliflowers was an important ingredient in the trend of making pizza crust. Cauliflower pizza crust was very popular. However, times have changed and it is no longer the case. It seems like the fall of cauliflower gave rise to broccoli. Broccoli pizza crust is the new trend.

Certain people had doubts about broccoli pizza crust. However, they have reported that it tastes great with the right ingredients.

Food Spices or Additives

Spiced ghee

Frying is an essential part of cooking. It will be very boring if we had to boil everything. Besides, most spicy foods are better when fried. Your frying is only as good as your oil. This is why you need a good quality oil.

Spiced ghee is a massive upgrade on your regular butter. It is great for cooking and does not burn. Some companies produce the non-Indian flavors like herbes de Provence. Others produce the Indian flavor, like the one involving mustard, cumin and turmeric.


This Japanese condiment contains chilies and ginger. However, it also has other additional ingredients such as seaweed, orange peel, sesame seeds, etc.

This is an all-around Japanese seasoning that is placed at table instead of salt and pepper. You can sprinkle it on almost everything.

Creams, Yogurts and Drinks

Coconut yogurt

Many people hear of coconut ice cream and think of ice cream made from cow milk and coconut flavor. This is actually ice cream made from coconut milk. Some brands also add sweetened coconut water to the ones they make.

Coconut yogurt
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This ice cream is a great alternative to the one made from cow milk. People with dairy allergies are huge fans of this ice cream.

Hard Kombucha

Who could have thought you can make a beverage that combines tea and alcohol? Kombucha is fermented tea from China while hard (alcoholic) seltzer is sparkling water with about the same alcohol quality as a light beer. Kombucha and Seltzer have been separate trends for years. However, someone thought of this combination and here we are.

There are an upgrade on hard seltzer and come in flavors like herbs and fruits. They have alcoholic quality ranging from 3–8%.

Tahini Ice Cream

Tahini yields a rich, dense ice cream with a subtly nutty flavor. You may have to make it by yourself as the commercial options are not exactly satisfying. To do so; all you need is egg yolks and cream like your regular ice cream. You can also prepare it with coconut milk and cream for a vegan variation.

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