Work from home : our 15 tips on what to do during lunch break to enhance your wellness !

Individuals who have a job and are working remotely in the last months due to the Covid-19 pandemic should know that with lunch breaks, comes personal time.

Stepping away from your desk for a little time is crucial in a lot of ways. Here are 15 things you can do during the lunch breaks to enhance your wellness.

15 tips on how you can change your life in a Work-From-Home Lunch Break

Call your Friends


According to a wellness instructor, “calling friends regularly is a good way of bonding and improves social networking.”

Enjoy Nature

The world has become so industrialized that people rarely get to see nature at its best. You don’t need to go to the small towns to get these. During breaks, you can step out to the garden to have a feeling of nature and a bit of fresh air.

Move Around for Some Minutes

Oleg Karen a physical therapist thinks that moving around for at least an hour daily allows blood flow around the body. Easy blood circulation minimizes stroke and arthritis risk. The lunch break is the perfect moment for stretching our legs.

Be Handy Around the House

We can use our lunch breaks to do some things around the house. Indeed, you could use that spare time to fix your radio, do some laundry and trim the flowers in the lawn.

Have Intercourse

Sex therapists have encouraged individuals to use that spare time to have good intercourse with their loved ones. So for you guys at work from home, use that lunch break to get cozy with your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be long : according to a study, most people need 12 minutes of foreplay and 7 minutes of intercourse.

Watch Some Seasonal Films

New seasonal films are coming out, you can take some time off your break to watch these TV series which promise to be entertaining.

Look for a Better Job

We all deserve the best jobs and good financial incentives. If your job doesn’t give you the happiness that you deserve, why not use your break to look for new ones.

Be Philanthropic

Doing well should be the value you have. There are lots of individuals who have lost their jobs or are financially incapacitated in some ways. You can use your spare time to do a favor to close ones in any way you can.

Play an Instrument

Music is good for the soul, and some of us are good with one musical instrument or another. Play the piano, trumpet, or violin to cool your mind.

Take some Language Lessons

According to Professor Zang of the Department of linguistics and Asian studies at Taiwan University, learning a new language improves ones brain and learning process.


Individuals are so engrossed working from home that they sometimes forget they have to cook and end up eating junk. Why not use that spare time to cook your lunch and dinner?

Do Some House Chores

A break can be spent around doing some necessary house chores like washing dishes or watering the garden. As a man, you could help your wife with some cleaning at home, she will appreciate that.

Take a Nap

Resting is important for the body because your body needs refueling. Lunch naps have been a good source of energy according to Professor Tim Harkins, a health expert. He opines that with a little sleep, you will wake up refreshed.

Be Innovative and Creative

Breaks can be used to finish that project you have been willing to complete for years. You can recycle your used clothes or do some crafting.

Get Lunch

The food is like a fuel that keeps the body running. You have to first and foremost use this break to get a quick lunch at the local canteen or from the fridge. We advise against skipping lunch due to health reasons.

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