Walmart : beware if you eat fruits! The famous brand recalls some products following listeria outbreak!

For many companies, getting huge financial returns is on top of their prioritises. In a bid to do this, they produce products that offer this possibility.

This is not a problem except when it is at the expense of consumers. Companies, especially in the food sector, have to be extra careful in this regard. This is because there can always be an outbreak of microbes that put consumers at risk. When this happens, the company in question should own up to its mistake and protect the consumers by ordering an immediate recall of affected products.

Why Fresh Country and Walmart Needs to Be Appreciated


In light of this, the company Fresh Country and the notable Walmart Store, have to be applauded and appreciated by their customers. This is considering how both companies have set aside financial objectives to protect their consumers. This, of course, follow a notification by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Of late, the FDA during one of its periodic inspections noticed the growth of Listeria monocytogenes on some equipment near the area where the products are packed. This discovery puts products recently manufactured by the company at risk. To ensure the wellness of everyone who could purchase these products, the company Fresh Country has issued a voluntary recall.

Furthermore, as one of the notable suppliers of these fresh fruit products, Walmart stores across 9 different locations in the country have played a huge part in protecting its customers. This is because of the way they have taken these products out of stock, nullifying the possibility of customers seeing and purchasing them.

Apparently, this act by both companies will set them at a loss. However, it goes to prove their integrity in ensuring the safety of its customers. To further understand, let us explain a bit about the effect of the Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

What Is Listeria?

Listeria is a bacterial illness that is foodborne. It is often gotten by consuming unpasteurized milk and deli meat products that are not processed properly. This is why food companies actively into the production of these consumables shoud leave no stone unturned.

It has been discovered that some people, those above 65, as well as those with an immune system that is weakened, are more vulnerable. Also, pregnant women and their babies stand a higher risk of infection and side effects of this contamination. If a person is infected, timely antibiotic treatment will go a long way in helping to resolve the situation. However, as with any other kind of infection, prevention is better than cure.

One of the shocking things about these bacteria is how they can survive unpalatable conditions such as freezing temperatures. As a result, especially for those highly vulnerable, it is advised that they avoid these meals. If they must consume them, it must be from a credible source.

Should you buy Products from Fresh Country?

Given the situation going on, this is one question in the minds of many fruit consumers. Well, you should be able to rely on the credibility of this company. It is important to understand that they have defied the financial odds by issuing a voluntary recall. And for the record, the act is simply a precautionary measure as it cannot fully be proven that the products have these bacteria.

But despite that, Fresh Country has put the safety of its consumers at the forefront. Also, with this discovery, it is highly likely that there will be intensified efforts towards avoiding a repetition of this situation.

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