Tyler Carter : Issues band member fired over allegations of sexual misconduct ! Fans are shocked !

The amazing musical brand Issues have announced that they have severed ties with Tyler Carter over alleged romantic relations he had with minors.

Tyler Carter, 29 is an influential member of the excellent musical group “ Issues”.

Background to the story


On Monday, several allegations by some social media users came up against the musician across some platforms. He was accused of various unlawful offenses and romantic relationships with teens and minors.

A Twitter user said: “Tyler added me on Snapchat when I was 14 to 15 years and told me how pretty I was and how he likes me. Later, he started asking for my nud**. At that time, he knew I was underage and still kept pressuring me on s***** matters and that I should send him n****. However, I was wise enough to rebuff him and didn’t send any n****.”

Another victim tweeted immediately saying: ” These accusations are true, when I was 15, I became friends with him online, and he regularly groomed me on s***** issues and asked for my nak** pictures even when he knew I was a minor. I didn’t give in to his pressure, and I am glad people are speaking out.”

Reaction from band members

Issues band members, which include, Sky, Josh, and Aj amongst others responded on Tuesday saying that they have cut off all ties with Tyler in the reaction of the allegations that came up.

Their statement read thus :

” It has come to our knowledge of the several accusations of one of our musical members: Tyler Carter in cases involving grooming and s***** misdemeanors against underage ladies. In lieu of this, we will no longer be having any working relationship with him. We stand with the victims”

Reactions across social media

The social media scene has been buzzing since these revelations came up on Monday and there have been reactions and counter-reactions.

A user, Adam, was obviously upset with Issues reaction to the accusations. She twitted: “In as much as I understand wanting to stand with victims of s***** abuse, I very much hope we get to the root of the matter. However, where did the band members put innocent until proven otherwise? It would have been better if the band members wait a bit for more information to come up, before taking this stand.”

Another user, Sam, said she was still in shock after all the revelations. She opined, “I never expected Carter will commit such crimes, in fact, I am still in denial about all accusations. However, I must commend the group for standing with the victims, God bless them and keep them safe.”

Another user obviously in support of the band members tweeted, “Thank you Issues for getting him off your band, it is sad, but the right thing to do.”

Did the Band members respond the right way?

The answer is neither yes nor no, it depends on perspectives. An allegation was made on grave issues concerning teenage s***** offenses and grooming and on Tuesday, the band members severed relations.

You might want to consider why the hasty decision, is it financial or to protect their musical band? What happens to give him the benefit of doubt till all accusations are proven true? Or has there been certain underlying issues amongst them before and this accusation just brought it to the limelight?

He is a group member, a friend, a comrade, and a companion. What happens to stick with him till the end? Some will argue that these are grave offenses and the group couldn’t have protected him. Others will argue that even some brands stuck with Tiger Woods when he cheated on his wife, so it won’t be the first time. Both sides of the divide are right in their eyes, and until more information comes up we will all be guessing.

At this moment Tyler Carter has not responded to these allegations. What are your thoughts ? We would like to hear them !

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