Sleep : why does sleeping on our left side is more enjoyable for most of us?

The curiosity to know what happens after the eyes are shut is a quest that lies dormant in every human’s mind. We ask ourselves if the positions we take are good for our bodies, maybe they mean something or depict something about us.

sleeping on my left side

The need to have our curiosities satisfied is what has consistently made us human. Hence, it is no surprise that we are trying to answer such question as why does sleeping on our left side feel more natural?


What does Sleeping on Your Left Side Mean?

There is a general belief that amongst other things, your sleeping position says lots of things about your personality. This is most likely not far from the truth as we spend a third of our lives sleeping. But for this article, we will be discussing side sleepers with a focus on left-sided sleeping. There are two types of side sleepers, the yearning dreamer and the log sleeper. The yearning dreamers tend to sleep on their right side. They are known to be slow at decision-making, slow and deliberate, but once their minds are made up, they prove to be Stoic and resolute. Although they are often suspicious of new friends, once you have gained their trust, then you are assured of a lifetime of loyalty from them.

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Log sleep position is the second most popular sleep position in the world. It is a sleeping position common with left-sided sleepers. This popularity may attest to why many are inclined to sleep on their left side. People in this category are social, easygoing and can converse with all kinds of people although they prefer A-list people. They are often assumed to be gullible because of how trusting they can be.

Why is the Body more Inclined to Sleep on the Left Side Every Night

As you consciously make efforts to avoid injury while exercising, that is the same way bodies tend to feel more comfortable on the left side. This theory has been fully backed up by experts and science proved benefits. Although our bodies appear symmetrical our organ makes us asymmetrical inside. Therefore, how we rest influences the way our body functions, processes, and direct the organs and waste in our bodies.

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Sleeping on the left side has been known to provide a more energetic morning compared to other sleeping positions. Inevitably, this has also led to the improvement of brain functions compared to other positions because it can help clear interstitial waste from the brain.

This brain cleanse may help to lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders. Sleeping on the left side also keeps the tongue from falling into your throat, partially blocking your throat compared to other positions, thus reducing the risk of snoring.

Is Sleeping on Your Left Side Bad for Your Health

It is common knowledge that the duration you sleep in helps to improve the body’s health. But not many know that sleeping positions also play a role in optimum health care. The effects can be good bad for our chest, backs, organs including our hearts depending on the positions. The potential benefits of sleeping on the left side are:

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  • It increases the lymphatic system efficiency.
  • Sleeping on the left side lets the stomach and pancreas to hang naturally. This keeps the development of pancreatic enzymes and other digestive system running.
  • It takes the pressure away from the heart which is why it is also recommended to pregnant women by doctors. The gravity can facilitate lymph drainage towards an aortic circulation away from the heart.
  • It helps heartburn, you can relieve heartburn by sleeping on your left side for a minimum of ten minutes.

Also, sleeping on the left side has been known to help those with chronic back pains.

Amy Briant

Written by Amy Briant


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