Parenting teen boys : here are our 7 tips to help them becoming adults without driving you crazy!

It is natural to find that teenage boys are sometimes hostile and destructive, they also are sometimes seen as the bane of the society.

teenage boys
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Despite their being hard to reach, relentless, absent-minded and more accident-prone; teenage boys usually exhibit such bravado to mask their often fragile self. They only want to be understood by their parents especially and not to be treated like cast-offs.


Understanding the Teenage Years

The same way that our faces and fingerprints are unique from one another, so also are we. Every individual is different so also are kids. There are those who bloom early, those who are late comers, the speedy developers and also the slow but steady growers. This is considered to be normal. As such, it is necessary to differentiate puberty and adolescence (teenage years). Quite a number of people think of puberty only as the development or growth of adult characteristics: facial and pubic hairs; these are obviously visible signs of imminent adulthood.

Understanding the Teenage Years
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While all these are happening right under our eyes, there are changes occurring beneath that we do not see. These are teenage changes otherwise referred to as adolescence and most children will deal with their adolescence with a major change in the way they behave especially around their parents. They begin to withdraw from their parents and crave independence. Children at this age begin to be conscious of how people see them especially their peers and mates and try desperately to fit in. As a parent, not using the proper techniques to guide and reassure your children, especially teenage boys, can lead to irreparable repercussions. Thankfully easy tips can help you out.

Seven Tips for Parenting Teen Boys

Below are seven helpful tips that have proven quite useful to parenting teenage boys:

Don’t Shame Them

As much as the behaviors of teenage boys are sometimes not in any way acceptable, it is important for a parent to know that this is just a phase the boy is passing through and with proper guidance and counseling, it would stop one day. So instead of shaming them, try to correct with love and point out the mistakes he may have made.

Encourage Them

Letting your child know that the change he is experiencing (physical, emotional and hormonal) is normal to every growing human is crucial to the way they act. You need to let them know that sometimes these changes make them act in ways that might seem strange even to them. Your duty as a parent is to ensure and encourage them that everything will get better as they grow older.

Encourage Them
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Use Loving Names

Reminding your teenage boy how much you love him would go a long way in helping you quell him. You can achieve this by using endearing terms when talking to him no matter the situation.

Don’t Nag

Building a relationship with your child where you can both sit and discuss issues cordially might seem like a tough nut to crack. But when you do, you would not have to worry about reprimanding him on some poor decisions. If that relationship is not established, no matter how much you shout, your words would only fall on deaf ears.

Accommodate Friends

Accommodating your son’s friends is important because you get to know the kind of company he keeps. You also get to influence their decision which in turn influences his decisions too.

Tell Them Good Men Exist

Let them know that mistakes are part of life and that people who succeed built this success on their mistakes. They should always keep it in mind that a good man is one who admits his wrong doings and take a step in the right direction to correct his mistakes. Stories like this help shape their mind set and perception about manhood.

Seven Tips for Parenting Teen Boys
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Love Them Unconditionally

The love you shower on your boy should not be determined by what good or bad he has done. Loving him unconditionally, giving him the respect he deserves guides him in the right direction especially at this stage where he does not really know to love and respect himself.

Amy Briant

Written by Amy Briant

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