‘Money Heist’ Season 5 : Netflix unveil a new date of release ! Fans go crazy !

One can feel the sense of excitement that greeted the announcement of the official returning of Season 5 of the international Netflix movie called Money Heist.

For the fact that this fifth season, which may commence in 2021, would be the final season makes it more enthralling on many fronts. But first, let us do a bit of recap about Money Heist before we begin an elaborate discussion on the Money Heist season 5.

All That Needs to Be Known About Money Heist


Money Heist is interpreted in Spanish as La casa de papel. And yes, it’s a television series that Alex Pina created. Just like the name of the movie itself, Alvarto Morte, led heists on both the Royal Mint of Spain and Bank of Spain. It contains 15 episodes in its original run until it was acquired by Netflix and from then it was re-arranged into 22 episodes. Spain, Panama, Thailand and Florence in Italy are the countries that Money Heist has been filmed in.

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The series has won awards and has gained wide viewing. Actually, it has been credited to be one of the most watched non-English language series. Writers of Money Heist worked in tandem with each other by sitting down very often to write the episodes that are to follow.

Money Heist was the English title of La Casa De Papel, and was, however, not close in language to the Spanish Title. Had La Casa DePapel been translated in its raw Spanish form to English, it would have read ‘The House of Paper.’ Permission was not granted for Money Heist to use the Royal Mint of Spain as one of the locations for filming. It nevertheless didn’t stop the movie from being the trailblazer.

What to Expect on Money Heist Season 5

We have been told by Netflix that two new casts are to be featured in the upcoming season. As it is the way with Alex Piner, the infusion of intelligent and charismatic individuals that make suspicion difficult to envisage is the reason why Money Heist has continued to be a thriller. One of the new casts is Miguel Angel Silvestre, who is an exciting personality, corroborated his being featured in the upcoming season to his followers. His character for the final season is to be the new villain.

Patrick Criado is the second cast member that is new. Having featured in movies like The King, Plastic Sea and The Aspirant, his versatility is expected to be brought to bear in the coming Money Heist final season. With Professor being caught red-handed and a gun pointed at him, a new series of drama is to ensue. Again, bearing in mind that the manner in which Alicia has gone haywire, so much would be left to the realm of conjecture until you are poised to watch it.

What is the release date for Money Heist season 5?

The logical guess for the release date of Money Heist Season 5 will earliest be out by 2021 summer. Here is why.

Don’t forget that there was an expected delay in filming due to Coronavirus and other problems. And because filming schedules during a pandemic is not always profitable, we may in all likelihood have a lot of postponement or any abrupt change.

Also considering the fact that Netflix has other deals like White Lines and Sky Rojo with the creator of Money Heist, these other deals as we can decipher are to be released in 2020. That means most of the work on these deals are already done, paving way for a great possibility of having Money Heist season 5 ready for the summer of 2021.

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