Mariah Carey reveals she had been “bullied” by Ellen DeGeneres following accusations of harassment !

It isn’t the best of times for the television host Ellen Degeneres as her show’ The Ellen Show “, has been dropped by channel nine a prominent Australian TV.

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What the buzz is all about?


Mariah Carey, a popular singer has lashed out at the TV show host Ellen Degeneres over what she termed ‘Bullish behavior “. In a clear video shown on vulture, Carey spoke about how she was pregnant in 2008, but kept it private, due to her previous miscarriages.

However, Ellen will have known of that and tried to pressure her into revealing her status. 50-year old Carey said Ellen decided to have a drink alcohol during the show, with the idea that if she rejects the offer, it will prove she is pregnant. An openly upset Mariah said she felt really uneasy as the host was not empathetic to her situation.

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After reviewing the video, a popular star with the station, Sylvia Jeffrey verbally attacked Ellen saying,

‘This is awful, ugly, a very ugly behavior from a woman who should know. She was definitely not joking, and she owes everyone an explanation.

Jeffrey added: “You can’t actually put a female like yourself in such an awkward situation. This has to be the ugliest scene I have witnessed in a while and it is a clear case of a bully.

These are not good times for the comedian as there are already eyebrows raised about her conduct of recent in Australia Channel nine. She has already had her show withdrawn over accusations of racism, sexual exploitation, and acts of a bully.

A Quick Background to the Story

In 2008, rumors were awash all over the media space that singer Mariah Carey was pregnant for her then-husband Nick Cannon shortly after their wedding. During a show she was invited to by Degeneres, she was asked if she was pregnant. Mariah replied: “please can we discuss other issues?

However, the show host seems unperturbed and pressed the multiple Grammy winner for an answer by drinking a glass of champagne. A clearly miffed Carey was seen in the video saying, ”I can’t imagine you will do this to me, Ellen. This is a case of a clear bully, it is peer pressure.

Ellen unfazed replied “can we toast on you not being pregnant? A clearly upset Mariah responded, why will you even do such a thing? Ellen obviously enjoying herself, took a cup of alcohol and insisted, you are pregnant! Openly daring her to drink. Mariah just said she doesn’t drink so early.

Reactions from Degeneres close associates

Some popular figures have come to the aid of the comedian with Katy Perry tweeting:

“I obviously cannot speak for everyone as we all have different experiences with Ellen, I will just speak for myself. I have had very wonderful times with the host on The Ellen show every time.

Also, another executive producer: Andy lasser said:

” It has truthfully been a tough and rough time for Ellen, but it is when we pass through these periods that we grow and learn from our mistake. I will be lying if I said things are right, but she will emerge stronger.

What to expect next?

Ellen has remained questionably quiet in all the accusations leveled at her. It will be nice to know her position on the matter. We guess she will reply when she desires in her comical self. However, a spokesperson for channel nine has confined that her show has been withdrawn for desperate housewives.

Carey on her own has moved on with her life and enjoying life with her twins without the prying eyes of the public. We expect more drama to unfold soon. Stay tuned.

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