Halloween : how to have Covid-safe festivities while enjoying spooky movies and trails with children !

Halloween season is an event children are always looking forward to tricking and treating with friends and family.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been various calls from concerned individuals, for this year’s event to be canceled or done in a very small way.


The government has not yet given a precise decision, but parents and kids have continued to prepare for this event. Today, we will look at how to have a Covid-safe Halloween.

Health Concerns About Halloween

This traditional method of sharing sweets amongst kids from one house to another is a major concern for this year’s Halloween. It is one of the focal points of Halloween. However, health experts have warned that to have a perfect Halloween you need to be strategic. Professor Jack Murray of the Department of Health and infectious disease at the University of Malmo believes that candy sharing should be in small groups of twos, and that children must be followed by their parents. He is also of the opinion that for those visiting houses, they should be selective.

Houses where the old and the vulnerable residents are should be avoided at all costs. “Parents and guardians should be wary of cold calling, if they need to do so, it should be from a safe distance” said Prof Murray.

He strongly advised parents and children should move with gloves as getting Covid-19 from the outside though in infinitesimal particles is still a huge threat. “Since you need to push bells and buttons to announce your arrival at people’s houses, wearing synthetic gloves will go a long way to prevent transmission via surface structures” stated Doctor Miles at the Health Department in Ohio. Furthermore, parents should leave candies and chocolates outside their house, thereby mitigating close interactions with friends. Kids who chose to visit can pick up candies outside and move on, or just stay outside to enjoy Halloween.

Associate Professor Kennedy Grant from the Institute of Genetics and microbiology in Georgia advises kids to pre-wrap treats like sweets as a way of reducing transmission. In his words “rewrapping can go a long way for kids to share candies without touching, however, I will advise everyone to wash their hands thoroughly and use their mask when wrapping gifts”.

Vaccinations against popular infections like the common cold should be given to children. Doctor Diana of the Research Institute in Medicine and Genetics opined that before going out during Halloween, kids should be given these vaccinations during these cold periods to forestall other medical complications.

Second Wave Warning by Experts

The Coronavirus is in its second wave across Europe and some parts of America, kids who chose to go out during Halloween should wear a mask and move about with small hand sanitizers as a reminder that danger is still ahead.

Everyone should be careful while enjoying themselves as the pandemic is still real. Some people in the UK have insisted that they will hold small parties for their children claiming that the pandemic cannot rob their children of Halloween festivities.

Professor Cindy Karan from the University of Toronto has said these acts by parents are ill-advised. “Organizing this type of party by parents is a sentimental act that may enhance the spike of the Covid-19 virus” according to her. She, however, provided a way out for parents who wish to hold small parties. She opined that families can hold garden events where they shouldn’t be more than 6, and all must wear a face mask and socially-distance one another.

Finally, it is still being debated whether to have Halloween canceled or go on in a controlled way. However, for those who still want to celebrate Halloween, you can make use of the above guidelines to have a safe event.

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