Dating : how to master online dating? Discover our 10 successful conversation starters!

Dating apps provide an avenue for people to network, interact, and communicate remotely.

However, starting conversations can sometimes be awkward for some of us due to several social factors. Today, we will give you some interesting tips to use when talking to someone on a dating app for the first time. Here are 10 successful dating app conversation starters.


1. Which Comic Super Hero have you always wished you were?

You could answer this question with any of your preferred hero like Batman, Wonder Woman or Spiderman. It is a good way to start the conversation and keep it going, especially if your match is a comic fan.

2. I’m an Excellent Dancer, what’s your Best Talent?

We all have a talent, although, most of us don’t like showing off. This question shows your partner a part of you that was, up to then, a mystery. It’s a question which requires a definite answer and it will be in your interest to say something nice, like singing, writing, or being funny.

3. What’s Your Favorite Pasta Shape?

This debate has been there for a long time: penne vs fettuccine vs linguini vs rigatoni. Which side are you on? Maybe you love spaghetti—that’s your choice. This type of question is an amazing avenue to start a conversation and some of us like food-related questions.

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Macaroni [ˌmækəˈroʊni] specifically known as elbow macaroni [ˈelboʊ ˌmækəˈroʊni] is a short pasta that resembles the shape of many anatomical parts of the body, such as the knee, the heel, shoulder or a bent wrist. The word derives from the Italian word maccheroni [makkeˈroːni] that refers to straight, tubular pasta. Furthermore, the maccherone is highly likely to originate in the ancient Greek word ’macaria’ which allots to a barley broth served to solemnize the dead. Moreover, ’macaria’ descends from ’makares’, ”blessed dead” and ’makarios’, ”happy” which are the main logical consequences to the emotional state when eating a macaroni. Macaroni is outside of Italy, commonly served with cheese, or during the British Victorian era, somewhat piquant, made into a sweet pudding containing milk and sugar. As one can see in the picture, there is plentiful. Which is presumed to signify all of the elbows belonging to the blessed dead. Macaroni was requested by a dedicated follower, @allmapersson

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4. I love your Beard. Do you by any chance have any of those Slim Beard Combs?

Endearments have to be given wisely otherwise, you might come off being cheeky. Also, some compliments can be taken the wrong way. So you should stay off complimenting on any part of the body. It is best to compliment items relating to clothes, shoes, specs, and perfumes.

5. What do you think a Prospective Date Should ask From You?

This is a nice question, as it is not every day you find someone that can ask you such a question. With this question, you come off as someone unique from others.

6. Do you Know the Chinese Word for “thank you”?

The idea is to get to know one another and share information. It will go a long way in the bonding process. Even if eventually, you guys don’t date at least it won’t hurt knowing XieXie is the Chinese word for thank you.

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7. What’s the Worst Status you’ve Noticed on a Dating Profile?

Bonding is necessary during networking and social interactions. Therefore, if both of you can’t share some nasty status stories, the relation is probably going to start out too strained.

8. What is the Most Appropriate Cloth to wear to the Prom?

A prom is an event where teens in school attend towards the end of the year. People choose to wear different items of clothing in flashy colors, it won’t be a bad thing to know what is your partner preferences for an event. Will it?

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Our Prom Royalty ❤️

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9. Who is your Favorite Pop Artist?

A go-to answer is ‘this is difficult because they are many, but I will go with the late Michael Jackson.” We are all music lovers (at least most of us), so it will be a good thing to get to know what pop artist your partner likes. But don’t be surprised if he or she isn’t a pop lover, maybe blues or rock, who knows?

10. If I said you have a Good Profile, hope you won’t say I am sneaky?

A nice but brave pickup line that shows your humorous side. Well, depending on the person’s mood and personality, the response might be blunt or in annoyance. Whatever reply you get is okay, at least you are better than those saying hi or hey.

Finally, dating apps can be fun and entertaining if you don’t get a socially aloof match. Asking tricky, funny, and engaging questions is a step to having a lasting discussion. We have mentioned some questions and lines you can use during dating app. Use them wisely.

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