news returns to users in Australia

Australian authorities and Facebook have reached an agreement that will lift the veto of local news on Mark Zuckerberg’s popular social network.

The clash between Facebook and the government of Australia it was monumental and with unexpected and aberrational scope. At the most twisted point of this power struggle we saw how local news was removed from Mark Zuckerberg’s popular social network for users in this country.

All for a government initiative that sought to require Facebook to pay for the display of native information content in the country. It was a head-on impact between two huge entities. But now fortunately it seems that both have come to their senses.

The news returns

According to a report from the news agency ., the Australian government, through its head of the Treasury, Josh Frydenberg, and the Minister of Communications, Paul Fletcher have reached an agreement to restore the display of content in the coming days:

The changes and guarantees introduced mitigate our concerns about trade agreements that recognize the value of our platform to the media, relative to what is received from them.

This is what William Easton, Facebook manager in Australia, points out in statements reproduced by the newspaper The country.

The main element of controversy is the new Negotiation Code for News Media and Digital Platforms that is currently being debated in the Senate.

This project sought to subject both Facebook and Google to the regulation that represented a payment to publishers for the content displayed on their networks.

Now, with the new changes, there would be entities that due to their weight, importance, volume and contribution to the economy of multiple companies could be exempted. As both platforms already mentioned.

This puts all the rest that is obliged to pay in a frank position of imbalance. But its magnitude of protest and intervention would definitely be less.