News: Pfizer will ask today to authorize its vaccine in the United States

The arrival of a first effective vaccine against coronavirus is one step closer. After the pharmacist Pfizer, in collaboration with the German BioNTech, will announce an efficiency of 90% (a week later it went up to 95%), during this November 20, he will request the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) marketing authorization.

In this way it will become the first vaccine in the United States or Europe to carry out this process, the last before launching the vaccine for its worldwide distribution. The first results of the tests, which since July they have screened more than 44,000 volunteers in various countries, were released the first week in an intermediate study.

After not register serious side effects, the FDA may authorize its use during the first half of December according to the estimates of the Donald Trump administration. Meanwhile, for Europe the European Medicines Agency could approve it in the second half of the same month, as the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, recognized a day before.

A milestone in vaccine development

Donald Trump’s Executive has planned vaccinate 20 million people with risk factors this same month of December, and after that to about 25-30 million per month, although already with President-elect Joe Biden at the helm. If the news is confirmed, it would be a historic milestone for vaccines in the North American country. On average, in the last decade, it has taken eight years for vaccine development to be licensed. In this case, it only took eight months.