News regarding the absence of some superstars from this week’s WWE RAW show.

For the show of the red mark of WWE RAW this week, the company of WWE made the decision to change the plans they had planned for the program due to recent cases about the COVID-19. These cases had had positive results throughout these last days.

From the Wrestling Observer Radio it has been reported that Mistery King and his son Dominick They were originally scheduled to appear in person. However, they ended up appearing on the show having a segment from home to continue their rivalry against Seth Rollins.

Moreover, several superstars who are considered the protagonists of the main storylines of WWE RWA They also did not appear, but their stories continued. Some names were Randy Orton, the current Tag Team champions of WWE RAW, The Street Profits, Austin Theory, Liv Morgan, and Natalya. It should also be noted that the presenter of WWE SmackDown, Greg Hamilton worked this week in WWE RAW. This would indicate the absence of the presenter of WWE RAW, Mike Rome during the last show of the red mark.

Regarding the absence of Liv Morgan and Natalya, both were on a boat trip with Mandy rose and some relatives. We recently reported that the producer of WWE and husband of Natalya, Tyson Kidd was not on the television recordings on Friday and Saturday due to the precautionary measures of the COVID-19. This was because the results of the test that he underwent Tyson indicated that the producer had a fever. However, the final results indicated that both Natalya like him they tested negative and WWE he decided to keep them off the recordings for safety.

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