One of the greatest players in Australian tennis history, the seven-time champion of a great John Newcombe, He wanted to comment on the pages of the ‘Sidney Morning Herald’ about the latest conflict in which he has been seen Nick Kyrgios, after engaging Boris Becker in an unprepossessing fight via Twitter, following Kyrgios’s public reprimand of Alexander Zverev, after the German skipped confinement by attending a party.

06/30/2020 11:06

The German called Nick “rat” for his criticism of Zverev and the Australian did not hesitate to describe him as “silly”. The attacks were continuous.

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Newcombe wanted to appreciate that perhaps he could have done it in private but has defended Nick’s attitude of being able to attract the attention of those who do not do the right thing. “Nick is Nick. You never know what he may be thinking. You don’t know what will come to him next, but I think it’s good that he gets the attention of the wrongdoer. If that’s what he wants to do, that’s good. For On the other hand, I know that when we played, if you had a problem, you would talk about it in private. We didn’t make it public. But I suppose it’s a different world. “

In a context in which the COVID-19 has been hitting tennis hard since March, Newcombe opined on the possibility that great players would be absent, in the case of Nadal or Djokovic, who have not yet decided whether they will finally go to New York to play the it would be the second big of the season, instead of the last.

“Many players would want to play to win money. For Djokovic and Nadal, moreover, they are chasing great titles and records. If one of them plays, the other thinks ‘well, better game’. I am sure that Nadal would like to play the Open from the United States, even if he doesn’t win. He needs to train and prepare for Roland Garros. “