New zasca from Alfonso Reyes to the fortune teller Fernando Simón: «He does not give one even by chance»

Fernando Simon keep making a fool of yourself. The director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health continues with his prophecies that are later not fulfilled, such as what happened these days with his explanation about the British strain of coronavirus. Simón said last week that it would have “a marginal impact” in Spain, and now says that “it could be a dominant strain in Spain by mid-March.” He continues to receive various criticisms and reproaches, and one of those who has charged him again has been Alfonso Reyes.

The former basketball player and now president of the Association of Professional Basketball Players (ABP) has been especially sharp against Simón for his disastrous decisions, his habitual incongruities and his out-of-tones. For example, on the day that Spain set the record for infections, it said that “we are at the inflection of the curve”, in addition to criminalize bars even though Health only manages to link them with 2.4% of sprouts. His words on this matter have brought a queue after saying that “no one goes to a bar to sit alone in a corner”, to which Alfonso Reyes He has responded with a new zasca: «There is nothing like having a fresh coffee or a beer alone with a tortilla skewer or whatever and a good book or newspaper in the corner of a bar. If he doesn’t give one even by chance.

In addition, the former Real Madrid player throws a dart at Fernando Simón’s fans, those who made T-shirts or even tattooed their face: A great joke if there weren’t lives at stake. Congratulations to the tattooed. Reyes, who suffered the coronavirus and had a very bad time, spending time in hospital, does not understand many of the decisions and measures of the Government in relation to the pandemic.

Without going any further, a few days ago complained about the vaccination plan, the one that really is the only hope today to face the Covid-19 pandemic, with a very hard third wave in our country: «What else has to happen so that you are vaccinated without rest? Who pilots the ship? The feeling that we are going straight to the iceberg.