New YouTube update on Android offers 4K playback even without having the screen with the technology

The new option in quality appears available on several Android phones.

Apparently the most recent update of Youtube for cell phones Android comes with an improvement in the definition of the quality in the videos. But this is not just any improvement. The GSM Arena portal, which confirmed this option, reports that the app allows some users to reproduce material in 4K. The funny thing is that the test was done with a lower resolution smartphone.

The aforementioned portal highlights that the test was done on a Samsung Galaxy S10 E. It also shows by a screenshot that the option to 2160p60 HDR. This means that it can play back in 4K at 60 frames per second with HDR. The report indicates that better sharpness was actually appreciated in the video.

Similarly, they detail that the update apparently comes from the server and not from the YouTube version. However, an official clarification from the company is expected. The service is new for Android. but actually it already exists for some time on iOS.

YouTube news

As developers add this video quality boosting feature, a major plugin is expected to be released soon. Is about YouTube Shorts, an app that will be the direct competition of TikTok. Recent reports indicate that it could arrive in the United States in the month of March.