New York woman visits brother in Florida and wins lottery

A trip or vacation is likely to change your life, for better or for worse. That’s what happened to him to a 57-year-old woman, based in New York, named Dagmar Schmalhaus, who never imagined that visiting her brother in Florida would be one of the best ideas she could have ever had.

It turns out that a few weeks ago Dagmar took a trip to Florida to spend a few days with his brother and there he bought a scratch-off lottery ticket for the 200X The Cash game, which he put in his bag and didn’t remember it until he returned to his home in Queensbury.

That’s when he decided to uncover it and thus discovered that he had won $ 1 million.

“Once I realized that I had won $ 1 million, I told myself that the first thing I wanted to do was pay for my brother’s house,” said the lucky winner.

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