New York will create an aid fund for the undocumented

15 minutes. The state of New York will include in its new budgets a fund of 2.100 million dollars to help undocumented workers affected by the crisis of the pandemic and who did not receive public support, a demand raised by numerous state civil groups.

This amount is included in the agreement reached by the New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, and the legislators, and which they announced this Tuesday.

A brief statement from the governor’s office explains that different funds were approved to support schools (29,500 million), to promote the green economy (29,000 million), for rent relief to people affected by the crisis (2,400 million) or to promote the recovery of small businesses (1,000 million), among others.

The NGO Make the Road, which requested 3.5 billion to help “excluded workers”, thanked the legislators who presented this initiative.

“Let’s deliver it to New Yorkers who have been called essential but have been excluded from all kinds of help,” Make The Road said.

Make The Road New York also expressed its satisfaction with the approval of a 4.2 billion fund for educational centers. These funds “will guarantee equal resources for schools in black, brown and low-income communities” for the next three years.

Details of the approved plan

In global terms, the approved plan foresees total expenses of 212,000 million dollars, of which 111,000 will be dedicated to operating expenses. In addition, it “closes the deficit” incurred by the state due to the fall in income as a result of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

The new budgets also include the legalization of sports betting through mobile applications and the reform of nursing homes, embroiled in a bitter controversy during the pandemic due to the high number of deaths caused by the coronavirus.

The Federal Government pledged to send a general fund of $ 12.6 billion and an additional one for educational and health programs.

“Thanks to the state’s strong fiscal management and relentless effort to secure the federal support the pandemic demanded, we not only balanced our budget, but we are also making historic investments to reimagine, rebuild and renew New York after the worst economic crisis. and health in the last century, “Cuomo said, quoted in the statement.