New York votes in mayoral primaries

15 minutes. The citizens of New York are participating this Tuesday in the mayoral primary elections, after a campaign dominated by the increase in violence and with the focus on the Democratic Party, since their candidate is the one who has the most options to become the mayor of the post-pandemic.

The top favorite, ex-cop and current Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, was one of the earliest contenders. He decided to exercise his right to vote at 6.30 a.m. local time (10.30 GMT), just half an hour after the official opening of the schools.

The veteran politician went to vote with his son at the Thaddeus Stevens College, in the Bedford neighborhood.

Security, the star of the campaign

In an emotional speech, Adams avoided talking about his promise to end the increase in violence by reinforcing the police force.

Instead, he promised New Yorkers that if he’s the new mayor, the city will serve all its citizens and will not betray them.

“Do not judge me for success based on the outcome of these elections. My success is the path. This has been an incredible path. From a child on the ground, one of the 2% (of people) who is attacked by Cops, you can now become the new mayor in charge of the Police Department. This is the American dream, “he said, wrapped up in his acolytes.

Another big favorite according to polls, businessman and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, was also an early riser. This, in addition, went out of his way in a long day with a dozen events in individual polling stations.

On one of these stopovers, at Louis Brandeis College in Manhattan’s affluent Upper West Side neighborhood, Yang did not miss the opportunity to bring up the issue of safety, accompanied as he was by the president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association. , Andrew Ansbro, who has endorsed him in the campaign.

In his appearance, Yang stressed that the union of police captains also supports his political aspirations.

We need to bring genuine public safety to New Yorkers. Both police captains and firefighters know that I am the right choice for the mayor to provide that security that our families expect and deserve, “Yang said.

In the various electoral polls, the galloping increase in violence in the city has been distinguished as the main concern of voters. In fact, this topic was ahead of the pandemic, unemployment, health care or the economic crisis.

The other favorites

Beyond Adams and Yang, polls also rank former Sanitation Department director Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley, former adviser to current Mayor Bill de Blasio, as other favorites with options to prevail.

García and Yang teamed up in the last stretch of the electoral race to try to snatch the victory from Democrat Adams.

Wiley is the only one among the favorites who is on the party’s most progressive wing. However, his ideas of fighting crime by diverting funds from the police to anti-crime projects do not seem to have caught on.

Republican primaries

Given the Democratic nature of voters in New York, all bets are that the candidate who prevails in the primaries will win the elections scheduled for next November.

The number of voters for both parties speaks volumes about this. And it is that of the total of 4.1 million people registered in the two great political groups, 3.6 million are affiliated with the Democratic Party and only 500,000 with the Republican.

However, two Republican candidates are also at stake in their candidacy: Fernando Mateo, director and founder of the New York Taxi Drivers Federation, and Curtis Silwa, the father of the Guardian Angels urban patrols, hoping to surprise the elections. of autumn.

Uncertainty about the results

The announcement of the results it could take days to meet Because the votes by mail will not begin to be counted until June 29 since New York launches a new system for its elections, which allows the voter to choose up to five candidates in order of preference.

If in the first round no one achieves more than 50% of the support, at least supported is eliminated and their votes are distributed among the opponents. And so on successively until one of the contestants adds more than half of the support.

After the closing of the schools, at 9:00 p.m. New York time, the Electoral College will only count the first choice of voters, and will not put the new system into operation until the 29th.

Other similar votes in the United States have shown that, in the vast majority of cases, the person chosen the most times as the first option is usually the winner, but there have also been some exceptions.

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