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He was dedicated to craft custom surfboards in California

Following the attack, shark sightings have been reported in the area.


The surfer Ben Kelly, who last weekend was a fatality from shark attack at the Manresa Beach in Santa Cruz, California, he dedicated himself to the artisan elaboration of personalized surfboardsHis trade, which was together with going out to hunt waves, was his passion.

More than two days after the tragedy, the surfing community in the area has not yet come to terms with the idea that Kelly, At just 26 years old, he lost his life due to a shark attack, so they have improvised a memorial on the beach, less than a mile from where I had the tragic outcome.

“It was very genuine,” Kelly’s friend Kyle Pitchford said in an interview for KION 5/46, who also had a board designed by him. “I really wanted it to work for you and if it didn’t work for you, I was not satisfied,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ben Kelly’s family and friends have launched a fundraising campaign through the GoFundme platform aimed at supporting his wife Katie.

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