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Social media triggered a wave of comments after dozens of people entered a Zara store

France and Spain became the last European countries to relax containment measures starting Monday.


The city of Paris, France, reawakens from a two-month dream as Europe slowly reopens business. This Monday, thousands of stores, businesses and schools opened their doors, but in some businesses, the measures got out of control.

A video by Almudena Ariza, correspondent for Televisión Española (TVE) in Paris, showed a large line of people who did not comply with the social distancing at the entrance of a Zara store. The video triggered a wave of comments by failing to respect the minimum separation during the first day of the reopening..

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The case of the long lines in the stores is not the only one, hundreds of establishments opened without the need for customers to make an appointment.

Traffic returned to the Champs Elysées where non-essential businesses were reopened. Transportation authorities insist on respecting social distancing, but delays on the subway of more than 40 minutes caused the warning of the stickers placed on the ground to be exceeded by trains full of passengers, as reported by the site Yahoo Actualités.

France activated “phase two” response to the coronavirus in which confinement measures were relaxed in regions where the infection rates of the new virus are low, with the exception of 32 departments in the northeast of the country considered as “red points” . The government allowed people to travel outside their homes without permission for the first time since March 15.

Friends are also allowed to visit their homes, as long as the meetings do not exceed a maximum of 10 people and the rules of distancing are maintained.

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Hairdressers, bookstores, flower shops were also allowed to receive clients taking safety precautions. Some schools started classes on Tuesday, while others will start on Thursday after teachers received an induction day this Monday.

On Saturday the National Assembly approved the extension of the state of health emergency throughout the country until July 10.

As of Sunday afternoon, France reported 139,063 cases of COVID-19 and recorded a 70 percent increase in the number of deaths in just one day accumulating 26,380 people killed by coronavirus.

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