New York —

The world witnessed once again what seemed impossible: an 11-year-old boy recorded a trick on a skateboard that neither legendary professional skaters, such as Tony Hawk or Steve Caballero, they could get in his career: the 1080°.

The young Brazilian capable of such a feat, which consists of promoting himself in the vertical ramp approved and give three complete turns in the air before falling back down and continuing to skate, he is called Gui Khury, a name that you will probably continue to hear, since it is the great promise that he will participate in the Tokyo Olympics, during the debut of this discipline as an Olympic sport.

After performing the trick, the little boy was so surprised that he decided to celebrate by sharing the video of the action with his idols.

I thought, oh my gosh, what did I just do? I finally got it, I have to celebrate it, ”the boy told . news agency. “I sent the video to my favorite skaters, Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist and Neal Mims“He added and got one of them to republish it on his Instagram account.

To give a clearer idea of ​​the magnitude of the achievement, we can remember that the current mark was 2 and a half turns only, that is, the 900 °, and it had the most famous skater in the world: Tony Hawk, who managed to “lower” the trick in 1999, when he was already 31 years old.

Since then, less than 20 professional skaters have managed to perform the 900 °, which is one of the movements that require the most technique and practice within the skate world, same as Khury perfected from 8 yearsSo his next challenge was to achieve 1080 ° and he did it last weekend. Now your new challenge will be to practice 1260 °That is to say, add a half turn more, to total 3 and a half turns in the air, a movement with which he intends to make history at the 2021 Olympics.