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Sergio Vergara and Juan José Rendón had been singled out for alleged conversations with a former American green beret

Two advisers to the Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, resigned their positions in the so-called “interim government” chaired by him, amid controversy over the so-called “Operation Gideon”, which was trying to remove Nicolás Maduro from power by force.

These are Sergio Vergara and Juan José Rendón, recently pointed out for the alleged signing of a contract with Jordan Goudreau, a former member of the US special forces, to carry out an armed incursion into Venezuela to propitiate the fall of the Chavista ruler.

The Guaidó Communication Center, recognized as the interim president of Venezuela by the United States and most European and Latin American countries, issued a brief statement in which it reported that the opposition leader had accepted the resignation letters of Vergara and Rendón, whom he thanked for their “dedication and commitment to Venezuela”.

Both had been appointed by Guaidó to form part of his Strategy Committee to solve the crisis in Venezuela, for which the opposition blames the president, Nicolás Maduro.

The failed “invasion” has once again stirred the political scene in Venezuela and increased tensions between Caracas and Washington.

Maduro called it an operation “narco-terrorist ” and he assured that it was organized with the support of the governments of the United States and Colombia, with the participation of the Venezuelan opposition, to destabilize his government.

Both Washington and Bogotá deny it.

Operation Gideon

On May 3, the Nicolás Maduro government reported that it had killed 8 “terrorists” who had attempted to land in Macuto, on the coast near Caracas, as part of a planned “invasion” from the United States and in which Colombia also participated, always according to the Chavista government.

Since then, the authorities have reported the arrest of nearly fifty people in different parts of Venezuela. Among them, two American citizens.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that his country “will use all available tools” to repatriate them and, as Trump previously did, denied his country’s participation in the operation: “If he had, it would have been different ”, he assured.

. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro denounced on May 3 an attempt to “maritime invasion” his country.

In a video published on social networks, the American Jordan Goudrou claimed to be commanding of the operation, whose development had been reported in previous days by the AP agency.

Rendón and Vergara had been accused in recent days of participating in the conversations that led to the signing a contract for which Goudreau would lead, through his security company, Silvercorp, a military rebellion that should lead to the capture or departure of Maduro from power.

Rendón admitted to having conversations with Goudreau, but claimed to have interrupted them months ago and separated Guaidó from the matter, despite the fact that the former green beret has released a recording with what appears to be Guaidó’s voice saying he is ready to sign a contract with his alleged firm.

The opposition leader denies having anything to do with the Goudreau operation.

Courtesy SilvercorpA Silvercorp promotional video features Jordan Goudreau in various security roles.

The scandal caused by the failed landing attempt and the events of the last days have returned to the differences in the Venezuelan opposition emerge.

The opposition party Primero Justicia had demanded in a statement issued on May 8 the dismissal of Rendón and Vergara, and rejected the hiring of “illegal groups”.

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