New York —

President Donald trump reused the pandemic of coronavirus for your political purposes.

In this case, he defended the construction of the wall, affirming that Mexico has “a big problem” due to the pandemic, when The United States reports 1.1 million infectionswhile the southern neighbor adds up to 23,000.

“Unfortunately, Mexico is experiencing major CoronaVirus problems and now California understands this, it does not want people to come across the southern border. A classic! ”, Expressed the president. “They are very lucky that I am their president. The border is very narrow and the wall is being built quickly! ”

The figures that Mexico reports on the pandemic have been questioned, due to its model known as the sentinel, which applies a similar principle to surveys on how to measure the progress of infections.

However the Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, head of the surveillance team in Mexico, has explained the model and estimates that in that country there would actually be more than 100,000 cases of COVID-19.

Experts from other nations, such as Australia, have warned that the problem worldwide may be between five and 10 times greater than that reported in all countries.

Following that logic of the experts, even applying the minor factor to the United States, the country would move further away from the cases in Mexico.

President Trump’s position stands out, after pressure from Iowa senators for Mexico to reconsider its “priorities” to ensure the supply of products to that entity.

“As Iowa’s second largest trading partner, it is important that we coordinate closely with Mexico to ensure that our core businesses can continue to work together and maintain a strong supply chain. I sent a letter to @SecPompeo urging him to do it, ”revealed Senator Joni Ernst.

The president’s position also stands out after presuming a close relationship with the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom he even calls his “friend”.