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Authorities call for people to go to hospitals if necessary

Many avoid going to the hospital for fear of coronavirus infections.

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Broward Health care providers and Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue officials warn of increasing numbers of resulting deaths of people who choose self-care at home instead of going to the hospital for fear of the coronavirus.

According to a Broward Health press release, the two entities have been following the trend of people choosing not to call 911 when they need immediate medical attention, and have seen that the results are often fatal.

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“Emergency personnel and healthcare providers need the public to understand who are safe under our emergency and elective care“Says the statement.

The authorities have asked the population to take precautions to deal with the coronavirus outbreak and, on many occasions, have urged the population to wear face masks in public spaces, in addition to supermarkets, restaurants or pharmacies. They have also asked the population if they do not feel well to go to a medical center to be treated, even if they do not have symptoms of the coronavirus.

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The truth is that there have also been cases, in the midst of the pandemic, of people who have gone to medical centers with other ailments and they have been returned home to be treated at home.