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COVID-19 is also giving us the opportunity to learn curious stories

The coronavirus pandemic has caused such an impact that, in some way, it has awakened us. Faced with the uncertainty of what is to come, we have come together as we would never have done.

We have gone from not knowing what our neighbors are called to making friends with them and helping others where possible. This, in addition to showing our most human side has caused curious situations.

As Inside Edition reports, two California neighbors they discovered that not only are from the same small Norwegian town, but also They are cousins ​​but did not know it.

Kjetil NjotenHis wife and son moved to La Cresenta just a few months ago, unaware that the COVID-19 pandemic was about to change the world.

When they met their neighbors, Erik and Jen Strom, keeping the social distance marked, they discovered that Kjetil and Erik shared Norwegian origin.

“I was looking for my husband’s relatives on an island that I couldn’t find, and I had mentioned them to them,” Jen told Inside Edition.

The Stroms knew that the island Eric came from was called “Newton,” which sounded very similar to Kjetil’s surname “Njoten.” And Njoten is also the small island, with 30 inhabitants, where the Kjetil family originates from.

Surprisingly, after some inquiries, the two men realized that it was the same place, but that “Newton” was the English translation.

The neighbors who now they live just four houses from each other Not only were they from the same island 5,000 miles away from where they are now, but they also share a great-great-grandfather, making them cousins.

Now families are waiting for another historic fact, to be able to hug each other once the state shutdown is lifted. They claim it will be a special moment.