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The state begins the stage of economic recovery, but only certain businesses are allowed

Clothing store in Los Angeles promises to return.

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Starting today, Friday, May 8, various businesses in California may reopen at startup phase two of the contingency Due to the pandemic and as part of the reactivation process of social and economic life.

The governor Gavin newsom announced earlier this week that the progress made in the containment measures of the coronavirus it will allow a gradual reopening of the state economy by moving to phase two, which means that certain types of businesses will be able to restart operations.

With green light

The stores allowed to reopen are retail stores only to collect products:

Toy shops
Clothes shops
Shoe stores
Furniture and home goods stores
Sporting goods stores
Antique shops
Music stores
Factories and warehouses that supply products to these businesses

With red light

Businesses that will not be able to open in phase two of the contingency yet because they represent a high risk of the spread of the coronavirus are:

Beauty and nail salons
Tattoo parlors
Bars and dance halls
Game and sports facilities: stadiums, arenas, etc.
Interior museums
Community centers
Swimming pools
Picnic areas
Concert halls
Discotheques or nightclubs
Theme parks
Neither can churches carry out religious ceremonies or services

Newsom Unveils Rules for California Communities to Reopen Businesses

In phase two

Before reopening, all establishments must:

Carry out a detailed risk assessment.
Develop a site-specific protection plan.
Train employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19.
Establish control measures and individual evaluations.
Implement disinfection protocols.
Specify physical distance guidelines.

Coronavirus: Business reopens in hopes of rapid economic recovery