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The United States Navy encourages everyone to watch the passing of the squad, but remember to respect the rules of social distancing.

US Navy / Courtesy

The squadron of the “Blue Angels” of the United States Navy will fly over Miami on Friday to pay tribute to the health and emergency teams who have been working at the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, and who are still doing so.

Through a message on their social networks, the Blue Angels confirmed that they will be visiting South Florida to also greet all residents, who are suffering the ravages of this serious health crisis.

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The flight is scheduled for Friday afternoon and, according to the plan, would stop at the Boca Raton Medical Center around 1pm. He will then circle near Homestead at 1:13 pm, returning to Palm Beach County at 1:25 pm.

The United States Navy encourages the entire population to contemplate the flight of this squadron of the “Blue Angels”, but remember that you must respect the rules of social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus. They also recommend staying home and watching planes pass by from balconies, if necessary.

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The United States Army squad has been making several flights in major cities in the United States to honor people who have been fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak.