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Before entering schools, children must go through an exhaustive sanitary tour

The new normal of Chinese schools involves the introduction of a strict disinfection protocol that all students must go through before entering educational institutions. So it shows a 44 second video which went viral worldwide through Twitter and YouTube.

Since last Monday, April 27, Chinese schools have started to reopen their doors gradually. The first to return were the largest, while it is estimated that during the next week all students, including the youngest ones, will already be reincorporated into the school system.

The viralized video, original from TikTok, shows each of the steps of the sanitary process: a child arrives at the school door with a mask on. Before entering, raise your feet for the disinfection of shoe soles and then throw the chinstrap in a basket. Then wash your hands on a machine. The tour continues at a stop for disinfect clothing and backpack with a sprayer followed by the temperature control and drying hands. Finally, the little boy formally enters the building with the help of a teacher.

Along with these strict measures, Chinese educational institutions prepared classrooms to ensure social distancing: in some schools there are screens that convert banks into cabins, in others the children carry one meter wide hats to avoid physical contact and in those with less economic resources an empty bank alternatesor to respect distances.

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