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Expand your culinary horizons this quarantine and make your own vegan homemade ice cream. It is a wonderful option to enjoy without guilt, easy, cheap and delicious

Throughout the days of confinement we have had the opportunity to explore our culinary skills, without a doubt one of the star activities has been cook all kinds of desserts among the ones who all baked goods are highlighted. However on many occasions these delicious creations are a little caloric, so it is convenient to enjoy them during the weekend and have healthier alternatives for the moments of sweet cravings on weekdays.

Slowly the hot days begin and it doesn’t exist best excuse to enjoy a refreshing ice cream although reality is always a good time to eat ice cream. Now that we have more time at home a wonderful option is to prepare our ice creams in a healthy and homemade way, you will not only be taking care of what you eat and avoiding gaining weight; is a extraordinary alternative to save on expenses. While currently the offer of healthy ice creams is great, creating them at home will be a fun and simple activity as is the case with this amazing vegan blueberry ice cream recipe It only takes 2 ingredients!

You’re probably wondering how this delicious recipe came aboutIt turns out that it has become very popular thanks to the recent publication on the official Instagram of Mariza Prince, a specialist in health coach and Co-founder of Plant Chics who shared his recipe and it became a resounding success. Among the great benefits of this delicious homemade ice cream se finds that it is prepared with two of the easiest ingredients to get: frozen blueberries and oat milk, does not contain sugar, nor dairy, no preservative or additive, it is really healthy and you will be surprised by its consistency.

Vegan Cranberry Ice Cream Recipe


1 cup frozen blueberries
Oat milk (any version of vegetable milk applies, avoid dairy variants)

Step by Step:

Pour the frozen blueberries into a bowl.
Add enough milk to cover the blueberries.
Mix well and allow it to sit for a few minutes. It will start to harden like ice cream, blueberries do all the work. You can always use less or more milk, depending on your preferences.
Once it has the desired consistency, your ice cream will be ready. If you prefer it a little more solid without the pieces of blueberry, all you have to do is liquefy the frozen blueberries with a little vegetable milk, and carry out the same procedure.
Place in an airtight container with a lid and enjoy at all times without guilt.