It will enter the second phase of lifting the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, announced Mayor Bill de Blasio

AP –

NY.- The restaurants will be authorized to reopen with outdoor tables from Monday in the city of NY, which will enter the second phase of lifting the restrictions by the pandemic of coronavirus, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday.

De Blasio said the plan will provide a livelihood for the crucial industry of restaurants of NY at a time when the city slowly emerges from the confinement.

« We have to save this industry, » he said. « It is part of our identity. »

Gov. Andrew Cuomo followed De Blasio’s announcement with a warning that public health experts will evaluate the available data to decide whether the city can begin Phase 2 on Monday.

« We have global experts that examine the information and when they give the green light I will give the green light, » Cuomo said in his daily meeting with the press. The two Democrats have often clashed over the details of handling the pandemicBut de Blasio said « there has been a high level of unity. »

Cuomo emphasized that as restaurants reopening their doors in the state must respect the rules of social distancing or they could lose their alcoholic beverages licenses.

De Blasio said that the owners of restaurants in the city they can go to the internet from Friday to request permits for reopen with tables on the sidewalk, in a backyard or in parking lots. Estimated 5,000 restaurants with 45,000 workers they could reopen next week.