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The young man arrived in South Florida Thursday night and has not had a mandatory quarantine.

Xavi Serrano in a file image at the MTV Video Music Awards 2019.

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Spanish influencer and model Xavi Serrano has traveled to South Florida after almost 2 months of quarantine in Manhattan, the city where he lives. The boy, as evidenced on his social networks, arrived on Thursday night and has not complied with the mandatory quarantine that Governor Ron DeSantis ordered in his emergency declaration.

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“All travelers arriving from New York must undergo a 14-day quarantine,” said the state’s top political official. The state administration also imposed roadblocks to prevent people from New York or New Jersey, the states most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, will move to Florida.

However, it seems that Serrano has ignored the indications of the authorities. A Florida government source has warned that such reported behaviors will be investigated.

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The young man, who has worked for various fashion brands and currently has a contract with IMG, published several images and videos showing his activities. Among them, that of strolling along the emblematic avenue of Ocean Drive, coinciding with dozens of people who were also walking.

President Donald Trump noted that nonessential travel was prohibited and that travel was only possible out of dire need. The Mayor of Miami-Dade County recalled that essential businesses are the only ones that can be open until further notice, with the goal of minimizing the impact of COVID-19. Therefore, at the moment you cannot make photo shoots or film shoots.