New York —

A video ruined his street business and now he works “secretly”, only with appointments

Joel Muñoz, like many, lost his income during the pandemic. And when he resumed his operations haircut and beard on a sidewalk in Brooklyn, excess fame hurt him.

Without giving up, and moved by need, now Muñoz he moved to a new secret location.

The Hispanic barber told the New York Post that he was forced to move his salon off the street to a “safer place” after a video of him working in Brighton Beach exploded online.

“No one had any concerns until those videos!” Munoz lamented.

The man, married and the father of two children, said he has never stopped drinking. safety health precautions.

“Everyone who came applauded me saying I was smart, they blessed me, (knowing that) I have family,” said Muñoz.

“The passing police officers told me to keep everyone six feet away. They had no problem. “

But when his operation was made public, Muñoz said he had to move to a different place in the open air “where no one is going to bother me,” and whose location he did not want to reveal.

The informal hairdresser does not accept clients without appointments and Muñoz said that he uses a new mask and gloves with each client and spend “10 minutes disinfecting everything” between them.

“I have a daughter, two weeks old. I have a 4 year old son and a wife. Everything I did went for diapers and milk. All I buy is food ”, He said, adding that “I still have to pay the rent.”

Last week, a Long Island (NY) barber was fined for cutting his hair in the back of his truck.

Too Similar incidents have occurred in other areas of the country, with hairdressers fined on their need to work and clients eager to groom themselves. after two months of quarantine.